Deal Registration Policy

  1. Deal Registration is required for any special pricing offer to be presented to the customer.
  2. Partners that submit deal registration shall be protected for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of the deal registration. Deal registration will be extended by.
  3. Cirrus when direct engagement has been taken place between the Partner, Cirrus, and the potential End Customer.
  4. The Customer can override the deal registration by sending us an email in writing from the Customer decision maker that they wish to work with a specific Partner.
  5. If a deal is approved, Cirrus will notify the partner by e-mail as proof of accepted deal registration.
  6. If a deal is declined, Cirrus will notify the partner by e-mail, and will include the reasons for such decision. Reason for declined deal registration is if the deal is already registered with another partner.
  7. Disputes: Sales agent must submit any disputes, whether with Cirrus or another sales agent, arising from this deal registration program to