Interior & Exterior 3D Modeling

Essential components of 3D modeling

In today’s every changing environment drones play a huge role in allow companies to map large areas in a quick and affordable way. Providing sound information to assist in quickly addressing new processes needed in a variety of commercial settings.

Not that long ago, the only way to get aerial images of your desired area was a piloted aircraft and a high resolution camera. In some instances satellite imagery could be accessed but now, today, with the advancements in drone technology and their affordable price tag, high resolution aerial mapping is available for number of clients and corporations.

Harnessing the power of Cirrus TSI effectively by using a platform that collects location-based information from devices. This data protects devices and inventory, optimizes operations, enhances visibility, and allows for better insights.

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Utilizing Cirrus TSI’s 3D representation helps to interpret information, content, services and data presented in a visually attractive way that encourages discovery, interaction and user engagement.

Traditional management consoles aren’t well suited for managing real-time, complex systems which is why decision making is easier with visualization.

Cirrus TSI with 3D mapping solution has components that can help with:

  • 3D representation of structures
  • Overlaid real-time sensor data
  • An interactive management console that combines both IoT and operational systems